Are you or one of your patient’s struggling to move forward on an issue?  Is this an issue that continues to stay stuck no matter what you do to resolve it?  Frustrated? Who wouldn’t be?

I’m Dr Clyde Porter and I get it!  When I first started my practice, my patients would relay issues they just couldn’t get past like weight loss or depression to name a few.  In those days I would use the tools of my practice to try and figure out what was going on with them and what was blocking them from making progress in this area?  Well no more!

I’ve discovered an interesting secret of the body and I’d like to share it with you.  It’s a secret that doesn’t require you or me to know exactly what happened 10, 20 or 30 years ago to cause this block.

It is a life changing exercise called JAWSTRETCH™ and you can try it for FREE just by signing up today!

Jawstretch™ releases energetic residues of all forms of life traumas. These traumas as you’ve experienced, inhibit the flow of life as it relates to body consciousness within the continuous, contiguous connective tissue matrix of the body.

Jawstretch™ is born of the body, and in scientific terms I call it TACSI phenomenon or Temporomandibular Assisted Cranial Sacral Integration. It requires that all exercises, that I’ll share with you later and postures be done with a fully stretched, wide open jaw. This action is imperative in the application in order to facilitate release of the inhibitory residues of trauma anywhere in the body held in the connective tissue matrix. A fully stretched jaw will be felt to lift the ears but must honor any felt restraint to avoid strain of the jaw joints.

These exercises are used to release the energetic residues of all forms of life traumas including chemical, structural, mental/emotional and spiritual. These residues are inhibitory to the flow of life of the body consciousness resident through the continuous, contiguous connective tissue matrix of the body.

So sign up today and I’ll give you the first Jawstretch™ exercise for FREE so you can try it and feel the results.  If you find it meets your needs then come back and purchase the Jawstretch DVD for only $19.99 and / or the companion TACSI E-Book for only $7.99.


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